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  1. virginiacommonwealthuniversity:

    Twenty-two year old VCU Senior Chris Kindred’s passion for illustration has taken him far. Read his Q&A on being the courtroom sketch artist for the McDonnell trial.

    I should go on hiatus more often.

  2. slamnahuatl:

    "You don’t understand that Michael Brown does not want to be remembered for a riot. He wants to be remembered as the one that made America deal with how we’re going to police in the United States."

    - Rev. Al Sharpton today for Michael Brown’s national eulogy

    Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Hands Up United demonstration this afternoon in the VCU Compass. For those who could not make it or were not comfortable enough this time around, there will be another Hands Up, Don’t Shoot demonstration in the near future.

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  3. And this is the cherry on top of my wild week. And this is the cherry on top of my wild week.
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    And this is the cherry on top of my wild week.

  4. jakewyattriot:

    I apologize as this comes off as disrespectful to Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. Or their families. Or YOU, the reader. I’m not about that. That’s not why I drew this.

    I am just really freaked out that 40% of Americans (and 47% of White Americans) do not think that the killings and violence in Ferguson ‘raise any racial issues.’ Fellow White Persons, this is our chance to learn. This is our chance to change.

    When Trayvon Martin was murdered because Full Grown Men in America are frightened to violence by the presence black children, the dialogue turned very quickly into a conversation about gun control.

    And gun control is an issue that deserves our attention.

    But it won’t change the massive poverty in Black America. The arrest rate. The education statistics. The institutional, systemic, casual, or passive racism that plagues our country.

    And it wouldn’t have saved Michael Brown.

    Anyway. I’m sorry if this comes off as disrespectful or insincere or preachy. I’m sorry if my execution (or personality) gets in the way of what I’m trying to say. I am an imperfect artist, an imperfect person, and I am, undoubtedly, blinded to a million things by my own glaring whiteness. So this might be… Lord, this might be awful. I’m so sorry if it’s awful. Really.

    But. I just keep thinking… Look, my wife is pregnant with our first child. A boy. We’re nervous, we’re excited, we’re SO ANXIOUS because what the hell do you do with babies? WE don’t know. But if we were a black family… in this country… we would be so terrified. Because we live in a nation that murders the children of black parents, puts it on the news WITH RIOTS AND TEAR GAS as decoration, and still half of us don’t even see it as a problem. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine bringing a child into that reality, to face the odds we lay out for black kids?

    That would break me. I’ve never known anything like that. No one should ever know anything like that.

    So let’s talk to our friends about race. Lets talk to our families. And when actual victims of racism try to tell us what’s going on in, say, a peaceful community protest as they are being gassed and shot at by cops WE SHOULD LISTEN TO AND BELIEVE THEM. Let’s talk to each other about this until we are all on the same page.

    And then let’s turn the damn page.

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  5. High Resolution
  6. Ferguson is the new Drake.



    I remember when Drake first came out. Like out, out. Like, Take Care, out. All of my friends, especially my white friends would come up to me and say “Have you heard of Drake!? This dude is dope!” and being the jackass that I am, I’d reply “I’ve BEEN listening to Drake, he ain’t new!” That’s how I feel about Ferguson. I’ve heard people describe this as horrid, scary, insane, but why are we so surprised that an authority figure can kill a unarmed black man, when citizens can do it as well. Ferguson is a crystal clear example of the silent war that has been going on against black men in America. Its great that everyone can finally see it, but remember that this is nothing new, just days after Ferguson, another black man was killed in Los Angeles. The dust can’t even settle in the murder of one unarmed black man before another one happens! I’m going to break down a few things and a few of my thoughts.

    Why are you guys saying white people are privileged? I’m on your side, but I just don’t agree!

    The reason we say white males are privileged is because you can walk around with guns visible on you, in public places. Meanwhile, if a black make has a fake gun, the police arrive and shoot first and ask questions later. This is privilege we speak of. We can’t even walk around with a FAKE gun with out the risk of being murdered. 

    There are both sides to every story! Well, the other day I saw a photo of a man throwing a molotov!


    This photo? This is actually a photo of a citizen throwing back tear gas that was thrown at them. For what? For protesting peacefully!? This is the type of bullshit that’s making black people angrier. Every photo taken is being flipped as if the black people being the aggressors. The sad part is, its probably not even on purpose. The news media is built to make you believe that blacks are angry and always look to riot and fight. This is not the case.

    This is just another attempt to make police look like the bad guys!

    No. Its not. The police are the bad guys. Something I’ve noticed about this conflict, is that people are starting to forget the origin. This whole conflict began when an officer murdered Mike Brown in cold blood. His hands were up in surrender, and they still shot him down! The police aren’t being made to look like the bad guys, they are the bad guys.

    Not all cops are bad! There are good ones!

    This is the fun part of my post where I get to share a personal story as to why I know everything I’m saying is true. In 2010, I was in Watts waiting for a friend’s dad to come back to this backyard party. (a party full of 50 somethings mind you) I was there to switch up cars and go to another party. There was a commotion in the front and when we went to investigate we saw quite a scuffle. An officer tried to unlawfully enter someone’s apartment, and due to the fact that the owner of the house dared to defy his authority, he threw her down some stairs  (The lady was in her late 40s). This is where it gets bad. The friend of lady punches cop and a brawl breaks out. The cops get into a fist fight with these guys and they lose, bad. They call for back up and as I try to leave, I notice there is a crowd. We are pushed back by the cops and when I’m not moving fast enough, the cop tried to deck me with a night stick. He  then proceeded to grab me by the back of my shirt and push me. As I was falling I touched his arm. I thought nothing of it and started to walk towards my cars. Suddenly I’m pressed against the wall being cuffed. I hear the cop yell into my ear “When you touched my arm that counts as assault against a police officer!” As I wait in the police cruiser I strike up a conversation with two cops. We laugh and joke, and through conversation they find out two things. 1.) I know no one at this apartment and have no reason to fight and 2.) I’m a fucking great person who would never attack a cop. They fight for me to be release, but the dickhead cop that cuffed me refuses. THEY KNEW I DID NOT HIT HIM. THEY KNEW I TOUCHED HIM AS I WAS FALLING. THEY KNEW THIS WAS BULLSHIT. I am in jail for a night, pay bail, and get out. The charges are dropped because they are bullshit, but the city has a year to file a complaint against me. A month from a year passes, and wouldn’t you know, I receive a complaint from the city. I have to go to court, and when I receive the police report I couldn’t believe my eyes. The police report claims that I said “I aint going no where!” (Bullshit! I would never use a double negative!) that I attacked the officer, and that we got into a scuffle before he subdued me. Everything on that paper was so ridiculous, that whenever I read it to anyone who knew me, they would burst into laughter. I ended up having to take a plea deal and paying off community service, but the fact of the matter is that, even though there were “good” cops present, they did nothing to uphold the truth. They did absolutely nothing, because they wan’t to be loyal to these bad cops. So the moral of the story is, if there were good cops, there would be no bad cops. Even good cops are bad cops, because they protect the bad ones with silence.

    Why is Ferguson such a big deal?

    For many reasons, one a city police department put in a federal order to make Ferguson a no-fly zone and the FAA complied with no questions asked. Then I hear that the FBI are involved, and are investigating it. How useless can you be? What investigation do you need to do. Fly Drive into Ferguson and find out yourself. While you’re at it, find out why can a city police department call in federal orders! The most important factor about all of this, is that this is showing police departments around the nation how much power they have. If we don’t strike these clowns down, what;s to stop another police force from repeating this.

    Wait, so why is Ferguson the new Drake?

    Because Mike Brown is just one of the many Emmett Tills of the United States, and I’ve BEEN angry about Emmett Till, this ain’t new.

    I reblog a lot of Ify’s stand up and comedy shorts, I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t share this fairly personal piece he wrote as well. I remember when he was going through all that bullshit with the city filing charges against him and he was under the threat of something like “a week up to possibly a year in jail” and it was just confusing and scary. Los Angeles law enforcement absolutely played a huge injustice against one of my best friends in the city and we were all stuck on the sidelines scrambling to find ways to help in the event that worst came to worst.

    Like, seriously, that line where the cop accuses him of saying “I ain’t going nowhere” is just the cherry on top because anyone who knows Ify knows that that sounds like a character he would play in an improv game before something he would sincerely say. And I mean, even that’s not the real issue because even if that was the way he spoke it’s no excuse for the way they treated him. It’s just the fact that they would so blatantly accuse him of uncharacteristic behaviour while he’s right there in the room with them and get away with it because it’s easy for people to make up their minds about him before he says anything. Because this is what Ify looks like


    but any shitty public official with a racist chip on their shoulder doesn’t want to believe that this is what Ify acts like


  7. reverseracism:

    Never pass up the opportunity to let a little black or brown child know that they are beautiful and loved.

    I feel like boost of self esteem and confidence is so important in those tender years.

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  8. niggaimdeadass:


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  9. hotnspicynoodles23:

    My Luna cosplay for Otakon this year! Everything turned out perfectly.

    Coming off hiatus real quick because Shannon completely killed the cosplay game this last weekend at Otakon

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    Gonna try out a month without the ol’ Tumble-machine to prepare for SPX.

    However, go follow my art blog right here for art updates and commission info.

    See y’all ‘round~

  11. fenryk:

This is my piece for the Steven Universe/Adventure Time gallery show going on at Gallery Nucleus on August 9th @ 7pm! (This Saturday!) If you’re in the Los Angeles area you should head down to Alhambra, Ca to check it out :D fenryk:

This is my piece for the Steven Universe/Adventure Time gallery show going on at Gallery Nucleus on August 9th @ 7pm! (This Saturday!) If you’re in the Los Angeles area you should head down to Alhambra, Ca to check it out :D
    High Resolution


    This is my piece for the Steven Universe/Adventure Time gallery show going on at Gallery Nucleus on August 9th @ 7pm! (This Saturday!) If you’re in the Los Angeles area you should head down to Alhambra, Ca to check it out :D

  12. Damn. Damn.
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